Energy Management System (EMS) for Your Business

Get control of your energy ecosystem at your fingertips.

System Benefits

Solar Optimisation

Get real time and easy to understand reporting on solar production and usage. Recharge batteries from the cheapest source of energy and control the way they are used.

Demand Management

Shift energy usage to lower cost periods and save on your energy bill. From smart buildings to smart grids, the technology is helping to shape the future of energy, including demand response initiatives.

Schedule Equipment Run time

The system can also schedule loads to take advantage of best time-of-use rates, if available. See what appliances are using what power and when and use these insights to make more energy-efficient choices.


Blue NRG will provide hardware to install on your business premises. The following hardware will be provided based on your business requirement.

  • Smart Hub to collate your energy data and control your energy usage.
  • Smart Plug to control your appliances.
  • Smart Clamp to control energy usage at the circuit level.

Software (Mobile Application)

The mobile app allows users to easily view and analyze their energy usage via the Blue NRG Smart Hub. Control smart devices and connected circuits in your business with the click of a button.

Blue NRG will supply the software information once the hardware is installed on your premises.

Dashboard and App

Understand your usage

See how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it. Understanding the way you use energy in your business is the first step to lowering your electricity bill.

Your business's universal remote

Turn connected appliances on or off, you can even switch circuits. Set up schedules to run your home on autopilot.

Safety first

Make sure your business premises is secure when closed – you’ll always have total peace of mind. Act quickly if there’s a fire, whether you’re there or not. You’ll receive an immediate alert to your phone when it’s triggered – so you have the longest time possible to take action.

Please answer few questions to help us understand your business needs better.

Our energy efficiency experts will assess the requirements and get back to you with a quotation.

Business Case Study

Read Energy Management System case studies and understand how it has helped other Aussie businesses.

Success story

Watch how Vet Partners saved $2000 a year by using Blue NRG EMS.


Can I control multiple appliances with it?​

Yes, you can control multiple appliances. Maximum 15 appliances.

How can I install this device?​

Blue NRG sends a trained electrician to your business premises to install energy management system. 

Do I need to pay for installation separately?

No, installation fee is included in the product bundle. 

How many devices do I need for my Premises?

Our experts will assess your business requirement and provide an estimation to you.

Can I install the dashboard and app on more than one device?

Yes, you can install and control connected devices from as many as mobile devices you like.