5 easy ways small businesses can save electricity

4 Feb 2021 |

Electricity bills making you cringe? At Blue NRG we specialise in reducing electricity usage and costs for small and medium-sized businesses. To get you started, here are five easy ways we can help you save electricity:

Energy Health Check

Our partners at Empower can provide you with an energy health check for your business, which will allow you to understand and make informed decisions to reduce electricity usage and cost.

LED lighting

LED technology can reduce lighting costs by up to 50%, as they use significantly less electricity and eight times longer lifespan than standard lighting products.

Solar power

Solar panels are a long-term and affordable way of cutting your businesses electricity usage, while investing in renewable energy demonstrates your sustainability efforts to existing and potential customers.

Energy Management System

Blue NRG’s Energy Management System allow you to monitor and improve your businesses electricity consumption, by customising your usage and scheduling peak times which maximises energy efficiency and creates greater savings.

Power Factor Correction Equipment

PFC equipment is used to control and lower your power factor, which is a measure of the energy your business actually uses in comparison to the energy supplied. By reducing your power factor, you will reduce network demand charges.


Contact our team at Blue NRG for a quick quote to see how we can help you to reduce your energy bills fast!