Blue Insight – Issue 1 | Nov 2019

22 Nov 2019 |

Paul Geason, Managing Director, Blue NRG

Welcome to Blue Insight

I am delighted to welcome you to the first edition of Blue Insight, our quarterly digital magazine. We intend to keep you updated on activities at Blue NRG, provide insights to the energy industry and offer advice on how you might reduce energy usage and save money.

At Blue NRG we are never satisfied with our performance. We believe there is always a better way to do something and we constantly look for ways to make things better for our customers. I assure you the feedback you provide when you experience our services is “heard” and valued. We take that feedback and turn it into action to fix causes of dissatisfaction. We will keep you informed of our responses and the improvements we make to deliver better service to you.

At Blue NRG we take nothing for granted and we thank you for choosing us as your electricity provider.
I hope that Blue Insight proves to be a valuable source of information and ideas for your business.

All the best.

Blue NRG is now in Queensland

We’ve expanded our reach to include South East Queensland. If you have sites in SE Queensland within the Energex distribution area you can add them to your existing Blue NRG portfolio, and conveniently piece together your business electricity accounts in one place.
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Do you have sites that are in Embedded Networks?

You could be paying more than you need to if you are in Embedded Networks. With the same poles. the same wire, the same power, why pay more? If you want an assessment on ‘liberating’ your site from the Embedded Network, speak to us.

It’s time to break free!

What to look for on your energy bill

(besides amount owing)

Of course, it’s natural to skip straight to the amount owing on your energy bill. But, if you look closer, there is much more valuable information to review. By taking just a little bit more time to check out your energy bill, you may find insights that help you cut energy costs and save money.

If you’d like to see a lower amount for your next energy bill, then paying closer attention to your bill this month is a great way to start.

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