Lower Business
Electricity Costs

Because we specialise in supplying electricity for business owners, we work hard to understand what they want.

It’s quite simple, really.

Business owners want:

  • Great rates: without having to jump through hoops
  • No lock in contracts: cancel anytime and no credit card processing fees *
  • Help in reducing energy costs: by analysing consumption and providing insights
  • Convenient billing: with multiple premises on the single bill
  • Accessible account management: a user-friendly portal to manage bills, see data on consumption and manage notifications
  • Helpful customer service: based here in Australia


* for customers who use less than 100 Mwh in NSW and customers who use less than 160Mwh in Vic and SA

A different kind of call centre

Having to call your energy supplier shouldn’t be frustrating. If you want a call centre based here in Australia, we deliver.

Our friendly team are committed to understanding your business, listening to what you have to say and helping you reduce costs.

Here’s something special

You can request to speak to your favourite customer service rep. Maybe you spoke to Joanna last time, so you want to speak to her again, rather than explain the situation to someone new.

Simply ask for your favourite customer service team member, and if they’re available, we’ll put you right through. You don’t get that from a lot of electricity suppliers.

Business electricity specialist

We’re try hards – in a good way

We are constantly striving to provide the very best. What that means to you is great prices, excellent service, and help reducing energy costs.

Competitive electricity prices

We don’t fritter money away on expensive marketing. By reducing our costs, we pass the savings on to you.

We don’t offer limited discounts that expire quickly after you join. We just provide the best rate, every day, month and year.


Local customer service

You can easily speak to a member of our friendly team, right here in Melbourne. You don’t have to call overseas to get a simple answer.

Our team will listen to your questions and work with you to help you reduce your energy consumption.

Lower energy costs

We know that small and medium businesses can’t afford spiralling energy expenses. That’s why we provide heaps of data in your ‘My Account’ reporting.

Together, we can identify ways to reduce your bills.

Lower bills means happier customers and happier customers is what we want.

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