Blue NRG
Super Saver

This is the perfect plan for small to medium sized businesses based in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

It includes:

  • Great electricity rates 
  • No fees for credit card payments 
  • No lock in contract *
  • Monthly e-Billing
  • Free access to 'My Account'
  • Smart Bills - consolidated billing for multiple accounts

*for customers who use less than 100 Mwh in NSW and customers who use less than 160Mwh in Vic and SA

How we save your electricity costs

  • By giving you competitive rates
  • By keeping our own costs low, whilst still investing in features and customer service
  • By avoiding expensive marketing campaigns
  • By getting things right the first, time, so you don’t need to waste hours on the phone with us
  • By striving to keep the customers we recruit with excellent value and service
  • By analysing your data to identify ways to cut usage

Lower bills means happier customers and happier customers is what we want.

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