Take Care of Your Electricity with ‘My Account’


Access ‘My Account’ via your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet

24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


When you choose Blue NRG as your business electricity supplier, you get instant access to the ‘My Account’ portal.

It’s the one feature that impresses our customers the most. Why?
Because it’s packed with valuable information. And it makes managing your electricity account easy, simple and quick.

Watch the two minute ‘My Account’ video to find out more.

Analyse your usage

  • Find out how much electricity your business uses at various times of day
  • Identify peak electricity demand levels to improve your awareness
  • Use this information to identify opportunities for energy savings
  • Access a consolidated view summary of multiple sites in the one place

Monitor your spending

  • Access a summarised view of your Blue NRG electricity invoices to determine increases or decreases over time
  • Access all of your invoices in the one place
  • Find out your current breakdown of electricity costs by percentage or dollar value
  • Login to view your account balance, check when your next payment is due and pay your electricity invoice

Alerts and Insights

  • Receive a weekly email update on your energy usage trends
  • Receive a high bill email alert if you are heading for an unexpectedly high invoice. This helps prevent surprises and gives you the opportunity to review the cause of the increase
  • Receive a SMS reminder if you have an unpaid invoice due soon

Are you ready to make the switch to Blue NRG?