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Blue NRG Electricity deal exclusive to Censational Plus members only.

On an average, Censational Plus members saved 10% on their monthly energy bill.

Total annual bill savings identified for Censational Plus members so far.
Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital
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– the customer service team are knowledgeable and keen to help. The CenSational rebate is a much appreciated bonus for the Hospital.
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Very happy with Blue NRG. Was promised very good rates, too good to be true, but they were. Set up was easy and straightforward and honest. Been a customer now for 3 months and all is very good. Saved heaps on my bills. Would recommend.
Carlton Dial
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The telephone consultant who processed my "joining up" was extremely patient and worked very hard to answer all my problems. She was marvelous and Blue NRG has turned out to be a great supplier.

Blue NRG X Censational Plus

Blue NRG has teamed up with Censational Plus Australia to amplify energy buying power for its members. We are an Australian owned electricity retailer, providing a local-based service to thousands of small to medium sized businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

To get you started with us, please complete the online form and one of our energy experts will get back to you in 2-3 business days with a great energy price for your business.

No Locked-in Contract

This contract is not locked in so you can change the provider whenever you like

Local Customer Service

We have 100% local support team so if you need to talk to someone at Blue NRG, you’ll talk to a local.

Australian Owned

We are proudly Australian owned business energy provider.

Transparent Billing

Get a transparent breakdown of all rates and charges, including retail energy rates, and network, market and environmental charges.

Complete the online form below

Once you have submitted the online form, one of our energy experts will get in touch with you in 2-3 business days and provide an estimated saving analysis to you.

Frequently asked questions

Blue NRG are providing Censational Plus members with exclusive retail electricity rates and transparent unbundled billing. The deal also includes capped retail rates for a 2-year period and the rate may decrease during this time creating further savings and those savings will be passed on to you as the consumer. Keep in mind that industry and network charges may vary through this contract period as these charges are passed through.

As a Blue NRG customer you will also receive a personal account service from energy consultancy firm, Empower. Empower can assist you with energy efficiency advice, demand management, a review of your electrical equipment and manage any related projects to assist you in reducing your energy usage and costs. As a one year anniversary benefit, Blue NRG customers receive a free Energy Health Check where Empower undertakes a review of your meter data, electrical equipment. Their engineers provide a report explaining your energy charges, energy usage over time, along with insights and recommendations

Just provide your details and latest bill through our website. Empower will review and let you know within a few days whether you will receive a bill saving from this offer. If so, Empower will confirm your information and send you a contract for e-signature. Once processed you will receive a welcome pack from Blue NRG and your site will transfer, typically on your next scheduled meter read date. You will then receive a final bill from your current retailer up to this date and then bills from Blue NRG going forward.