Energy Health Check

On average, we identified 24% bill savings for businesses that opted for energy health check.

Our desktop energy assessment service provides you with a report that explains your electricity charges, reviews your energy usage across your electrical equipment and identifies opportunities to reduce usage and costs.

Energy Health Check Benefits

Usage Analysis

A review of your energy usage over 12-months, including demand analysis aligned to distributor timesets, solar export and generation source analysis.

Charge Analysis

Charge Analysis An explanation of your charge structure against your energy profile. Including network tariff analysis to identify whether a lower cost alternative is available.

Tailored Recommendations

Practical advice to ensure that your electrical equipment is operating efficiently, that you minimise use during high cost periods and investment analysis of energy solutions.

Multi-Site National Benchmarking

Extend this service to bring visibility to energy use across your entire business portfolio; developing and supporting your energy and cost reduction strategy.

Here is how you can get this service

Note: This service is only available annually as a Blue NRG customer benefit (RRP $400)

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Success Stories

Network Tariff Saving $14,675

When I renewed my electricity contract with Blue NRG I was offered an Energy Health Check as a means to help take control of our energy costs. Empower's report identified nearly $20,000 of annual savings with their recommended energy reduction strategies. I went ahead with Empower's suggestion to reassign our Network Tariff, our first bill after the reassignment was $1,821 less in comparison to the previous year which is a significant savings. Empower has helped save my business $14,675 per year with a Network Tariff reassignment and Direct metering agreement. I found their service to be thoroughly helpful and would recommend them to any business looking at different ways to reduce their electricity bills. - Colin Height - General Manager

seymore motel

Energy Health Check Saving $4,787

As a way of helping me unravel my electricity costs, I was offered a free Energy Health Check for my business when I renewed my electricity contract. The Energy Health Check revealed there was an estimated $4,787 in savings to be availed, $1,329 of which could come from reassigning my network tariff. Working with both Empower and Blue NRG, my network tariff was changed and the first bill after the reassignment showed a savings of $207. I found Empower's service to be professional and helpful and I am extremely happy with Blue NRG’s assistance with helping me lower my energy costs. - Rishi Kandel- Business Owner

Frequently asked questions

The charger that will be installed is Blue NRG’s Chargemate. It will operate at both single phase and three phase supply. Chargemate is a smart charger with full industry (OCPP) compliance and is compatible with Chargefox and industry-standard software worldwide. Chargemate’s Type 2 socket is compatible with all EVs sold in Australia via lead or adapter. It features an interactive user interface with live charging status display. Chargemate is rated all the way up to the maximum single-phase charging power of 7.2kW to 22kW.

Yes, Chargemate can be installed on your business premises and home office.

Yes, the Installation fee is not included in the monthly rental amount.

Standard ChargeMate installation fee is $750

Monthly rental will be added to your Blue NRG invoice.

Only around 1% of owners currently have a smart fast charger. The majority of electric vehicles are sold with a standard charger.

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