Celebrating 5 Years of Supplying Businesses Electricity

We've acheived a lot since we first started in May 2012.  


We're proud to announce Blue NRG is officially 5 years old in May 2017. 

Below are some of our big acheivements:

  • Started in 2012 with 3 employees and sold electricity to Victorian businesses only
  • in 2014 we grew to 3,500 customers and started selling electricity to businesses in NSW
  • In 2015 we grew to 9,000 customers and started selling electricity to South Australian businesses
  • In 2016 we grew to 12,000 customers and launched Blue NRG 'My Account' for all of our customers
  • In 2017 we rebuilt and launched a new website, are on track to grow to 15,000 customers and now employ more than 20 people!

We want to say a big thanks to all of our customers for joining us on our journey and we're proud to be the electrcity supplier of choice for businesses based in Victoria, South Australia and NSW.

What's next? Stay tuned!

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