Why You Should Consider Smart Meters For Your Business

Considering a smart meter for your business?

If you’re based in New South Wales, you might be thinking about installing a smart meter for your business. (In Victoria and South Australia, state governments have introduced the rollout of mandatory smart meters).

A smart meter is an advanced digital version of a traditional energy meter. It records your workplace’s use of electricity in real time and uses the data to calculate your bill.


The benefits of smart meters

Because the data is transferred directly to your energy provider, there is no need for a meter reader to visit your property.  With traditional meters, if it was impossible for a reader to access your business, then you’d receive an estimate. Also, older meters in particular can become inaccurate with age. Of course, your usage could vary, and if the estimate is higher than your usage or the meter is faulty, you could be paying for electricity you didn’t use. With a meter, you know you’re paying precisely for what you’ve used.


Knowledge is power

Another benefit is the use of real time data, which provides the opportunity to take action if the data shows a spike in energy usage. With a traditional meter, if your energy peaks it could take weeks or even months for you to realise and respond (perhaps a faulty appliance is responsible). With a meter you’ll know immediately and be able to avoid incurring higher costs unncessarily.  You can also set alerts so that if usage goes above a particular value, you’ll be notified. If you have solar PV you can receive your feed-in-tariff monthly, rather than quarterly.

If you’re a Blue NRG customer, you can view your electricity usage data in near real-time through your Blue NRG My Account portal. You can access data in half hourly increments as well as over longer periods, like seasons. This gives you both a broad, bigger picture as well as pinpoint into specific times of day. Your energy may spike unnecessarily after 5pm, or during autumn for no reason. Having the data gives you the means to investigate and find a solution.

Plus there’s no change to your electricity pricing when you install a smart meter.


Get started with a smart meter

NSW businesses can upgrade to smart meters for no additional cost. Simply contact us and we’ll arrange for Spotless, our partner metering installation company, to make an appointment at your convenience to install the meter. After that, it takes about eight weeks to finalise the change-over from the old meter. For most small businesses a daily charge of 40c applies.


More information about smart meters

Check out the Australian Government resource, energy.gov.au for more information about smart meters and how they help ensure accurate energy bills.


Those benefits again

  • Your invoices will be based on actual reads each month – say goodbye to estimates, adjustments and the hassle of meter access issues

  • Real time energy data

  • More accurate readings - only pay for what you use

  • Set up alerts for energy peaks - and respond faster

  • Take control of your energy usage.

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