Energy Reduction Advice

LED Lighting

LED lighting can help to dramatically reduce your electricity usage resulting in lower electricity bills. Depending on your existing lighting system, you could realise reductions of up to 50%. Best of all LED bulbs last up to eight times longer than traditional lighting technology in most homes and offices.

Solar power

Solar power can help deliver great savings to your business and is an affordable way to reduce your electricity costs. Going solar also demonstrates your business cares about sustainability and renewable energy.

If your business uses a lot of electricity during peak daytime hours, solar power can generate great savings for you.

Energy Management SystemsEnergy Management system

Become a smart business by installing an Energy Management System (EMS). An EMS allows you to track and monitor your energy usage in real time. It also enables remote access to your energy data via your smartphone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.

It also enables you to schedule the time of day your business requires electricity. This maximises energy efficiency that can generate great savings on your electricity bill.

Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about whether you left the lights on!

Power Factor Correction

With the introduction of demand tariffs from distributors, there has never been a better time to consider power factor correction (PFC) equipment.

Your electricity power factor is a measure of how efficiently your site uses electrical power and the quality of power your site uses. This is calculated in a Power Factor Rating.

This rating measures the power that is actually used (kW) versus the power that is supplied (KVA) to your site. PFC equipment can be used to lower your power factor to reduce your electricity costs.

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