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Introducing Blue NRG Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
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EV Charging

Get smart and fast EV charging at your business premises or home office.
You pay a low monthly rental fee plus the cost of electricity.



The Chargemate is optimised for compatibility and flexibility, delivering hardware for use with any EV or OCPP-compliant software.

Mounting Mode :Wall-mounted
Pedestal mounted
Rated Supply Voltage :415 V AC 50/60 Hz
240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Socket Type :1x Type 2 IEC-62169
Physical Communications Interfaces :Ethernet LAN connection
Modbus-485 Interface RS-232
Serial Interface
Input Type :Binary power limitation closing contact
Binary delayed charging closing contact
Control Type :Chargefox App and /or 3 push-button
Local Signalling :1 LCD screen: status indication
Server Communications Protocol :OCPP 1.6J
Operating Mode :Networked/Standalone
Colour :Black

Globally Recognised Infrastructure

Delivering turnkey electric car charging infrastructure to help you transition to a low cost transportation.

3X Faster Charging

Blue NRG EV charging infrastructure charges an EV 3X faster than a standard charger.

Zero emission future

A step towards Ausralian vision for a zero emission future.

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Frequently asked questions

The charger that will be installed is Blue NRG’s Chargemate.  It will operate at both single phase and three phase supply.  Chargemate is a smart charger with full industry (OCPP) compliance and is compatible with Chargefox and industry-standard software worldwide.  Chargemate’s Type 2 socket is compatible with all EVs sold in Australia via lead or adapter.  It features an interactive user interface with live charging status display.  Chargemate is rated all the way up to the maximum single-phase charging power of 7.2kW to 22kW.

Yes, Chargemate can be installed on your business premises and home office.

Yes, the Installation fee is not included in the monthly rental amount. 

Standard ChargeMate installation fee is $750 but it is subject to change based on the location of the premises.

Monthly rental will be added to your Blue NRG invoice.

Only around 1% of owners currently have a smart fast charger. The majority of electric vehicles are sold with a standard charger.