Everything about EV equipment that EV owners need to know

1 Sep 2021 |

EV is now a rising star in the car industry. However, one of the most significant reasons why people are

concerned about purchasing an EV is the inadequate charging infrastructure. Those concerns raise

around this problem are understandable since Australia’s mix of plug and charger standards can be very

confusing for EV owners. Therefore, understanding different EV charging equipment is important to

make the most of your EV experience. 


Type 2 portable charger

Portable charger is the simplest charging method. This

method allows you to charge in general purpose outlets

(GPO) both in your home or any public charging station.

However, they are also the slowest ones as they take the

longest time to charge most modern EVs. Therefore,

portable chargers are considered to be great for

emergencies or top-ups. 




EV home charger

Since portable charger is not the most optimal solution

for charging your EV, installing a home charging

unit can satisfy your charging requirement. Being able

to charge at the triple speed of a normal GPO, a

home charging unit can ensure a full charge overnight,

which is convenient for users. 




Many of Australia’s public chargers don’t come with

Type 2 plug

a cable, it is important to bring your own to ensure

keeping your EVs on the road. The Type 2 plug is

Australian standards as they are currently used by all EV

manufacturers. Instead of five-pin design like Type 1,

Type 2 design has two extra pins which are used to support

three-phase charging.