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Why do I receive estimated invoices?

Estimated readings can be used to generate monthly invoices.  The invoice maybe higher than usual as the estimate reading could be higher than the actual total electricity usage during the month.  Also, estimate readings will be used to generate your invoice when access to the meter has not been obtained.

For example – Meter could be indoors, meter behind locked gate, meter access block (overgrown gardens)

Blue NRG can offer customers the opportunity to upgrade metering to Smart meter. Please contact Blue NRG for more information. 

How are monthly invoices generated?

If you have a smart meter, Blue NRG receives daily interval reads from the meter.  Blue NRG uses this real time data to generate your monthly electricity bill.

If you have a basic meter, Blue NRG may receive estimated or actual meter reads either on a monthly or quarterly basis from your network provider.  This data is used to generate an invoice on a monthly basis.

Why is our monthly Blue NRG electricity invoice higher than usual?
  • If your energy usage is higher than the last billing period, then your electricity invoice will be higher.
  • Some of the most common reasons for high bills include:
  • The billing period maybe longer than 31 days
  • The invoice total maybe based on estimated meter data instead of actual meter data
  • The billing period may be adjusted based on actual meter data received, which may determine that previous invoice was underestimated
  • Energy usage could change based on the season.
  • If your business has grown, then your electricity usage can also increase
  • If you have purchased new appliances, then your electricity usage will increase, considering switching off appliances that may not be in use for long periods.
  • Consider changing the time of day when you use electricity, it might be cheaper to run appliances in the evening instead of during the working day.

If an appliance is faulty, it may result in higher than usual electricity costs

What does our Blue NRG invoice contain?

Each Blue NRG electricity monthly invoice will show the total amount of electricity you have used including network charges, metering cost, service to property charges and any applicable taxes such as GST. Learn more about your bill here Bill Explainer

When is our Blue NRG electricity account due?

Blue NRG requires you to pay your monthly electricity invoice by its pay-by-date. Unless otherwise agreed, this will be at least 12 business days from the issue date of the Blue NRG invoice that your business has received from Blue NRG

What is an E-Bill and how does it work?

Once Blue NRG has your authorisation to receive communications by email, your Blue NRG electricity account will store a primary nominated email address of file. Within the first week of each month, you will receive an email from Blue NRG with your electricity invoice attached as a PDF.

If your business requires your Blue NRG electricity invoice by paper and mailed out, you will incur a $5 monthly admin fee for each invoice generated *excl NSW.

Learn more about your bill in the bill explainer.

Can I see my bills and usage online?

Yes. Blue NRG account holders are able to register or log into the My Account portal to view usage and download invoices.

Click here for details on how to register

Can I have quarterly billing instead of monthly?

Blue NRG has monthly billing to help alleviate cash flow burden of higher electricity costs in a quarterly lump sum total.

What is a Blue NRG Smart Bill?

Blue NRG customers can select to be placed on a consolidated monthly invoice format for 3 or more sites currently with Blue NRG as their energy supplier for all sites.

Each month, you receive an email with invoice file – zipped and spread sheet attached.

The worksheet is known as the Summary statement, which includes details regarding billing, pricing and usage information for each NMI.

It also provides your business with the total cost of your electricity for the month across all of your sites.

All your Blue NRG invoices are available within the zipped file where you can also use this format to determine how much electricity has been used for the month and any corresponding charges that have applied to your Blue NRG electricity account by site level.

Do you have consolidated billing?

Yes. Blue NRG consolidated billing product is known as “Smart Bill”.

Does Blue NRG offer discount (pay on time) or concessions?

Blue NRG does not offer pay on time discounts to our customers, our savings are built into our rates. Blue NRG is a business only retailer so our customers are generally not eligible to receive concessions. If you do have a concession card or any questions about this, please contact us at 1300 599 888 or [email protected]

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