• FAQ-Meter and Reads

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the latest generation of meters currently being changed at premises and installed at any new sites.

These meters measure your electricity usage at 15 or 30 min intervals and networks are able to send this meter data automatically to Blue NRG on a daily basis via a secure wireless communications network. Smart meters also benefit your business by providing insights to the way and times that you may be using electricity at peak periods.

To learn more about your electricity insights register or log on to Blue NRG My account and download your interval data for any nominated data range in csv format to understand your electricity usage behaviours.

Who owns your meters?

Your electricity meter is owned and maintained by your meter provider. For more information please contact us at Blue NRG.

When is my meter read?

Your electricity meter will be read either monthly or quarterly cycles depending on the schedule managed by your meter service provider. Blue NRG receives meter data and arranges to generate your invoice on a monthly basis.