Getting to know about ChargeMate

14 Sep 2021 |

What is Chargemate? 

In the digital age, people are always looking for a new technological adaptation for every aspect of life. Along with the significant development of EVs, EV charging innovations are highly sought by EV owners to help them achieve higher using convenience. Understanding customers’ needs and wants clearly, ChargeMate, a smart charger of the future, is created to bring a new optimal charging experience to the users. 


  • Being able to optimize different features and deliver hardware with OCPP-compliant software, ChargeMate also works with global industry software.  
  • Using Type 2 socket allows Chargemate to be compatible with any EV sold in Australia via lead or adapter. So ChargeMate provides the best compatibility and flexibility for users while using. With Chargemate, finding a suitable charging adaptation is no longer a worry to users. 
  • ChargeMate also offers a variable charge rate feature. This allows users to adjust charging rates based on their demand and ChargeMate can easily adapt to their requirements. The feature makes it flexible and convenient for users since it works well in different using situations. 
  • With the ability to charge up to 3X faster than a standard charger, ChargeMate provides a more time-effective charging solution. 


Apart from outstanding features, ChargeMate design also meets the aesthetic requirements.  

  • ChargeMate’s hardware can be compact into a range of enclosures which helps to save a lot of space for the properties.  
  • Using the color black also creates a modern look for the entire design, which is suitable for many different installing places.  
  • Additionally, apart from creating an eye-catching look for the design, providing an interactive user interface with 1 LCD screen contributes to enhancing the users’ using experience by visually displaying the charging status of their EVs. 


You can get your own ChargeMate for only $30/ month excl. GST rental included on Blue NRG bill. If you are a Blue NRG customer, your monthly rental will be added to your Blue NRG bill. You can ensure your reservation by completing the reservation form or calling Blue NRG customer service on 1300 599 888 and receive 2 months free rental. The promotion only lasts until 30th September 2021 so don’t miss out.