Getting to know EV jargon

1 Sep 2021 |


Any innovative technology can be hampered by jargon, and the electric vehicle business is no exception. Understanding clearly about EV and its jargon before purchasing can help you to have better choice-making processes. As a result, you can choose one that is suitable and works best for you. 

EVBEV, and PHEV are the most common three terms when mentioning this new technology.

  • Electric vehicles (EV) are the most well-known term, and it is used for any non-combustion vehicle, but they are most likely to be known as electric-powered cars.
  • Synonymously, BEV is an abbreviation for battery electric vehicles, which used to talk about all-electric cars with a battery only.
  • Different from those two, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is a name for cars that accept both combustion fuel and an electric plug. 

There are 4 types of charging. 

  • Trickle charging and mobile charging, which is the charging method using the portable charger to plug in general purpose outlets (GPO), are the two slowest charging types. Since both charging methods can only provide a small amount of power and usually takes overnight, they work best for top-up or emergencies. The only difference between these two charging types is trickle charger constantly applies a charge, whether the battery is fully charged or not while mobile charging doesn’t. They are both in level 1 of the charging level. 
  • Fast charging, which is in level 2 in the charging system, is the most typical charging method at home or in public charging stations. EV owners need to have a Type 2 plug, which has the 7 pin design, to plug into the AC charger to be able to charge. 
  • Level 3 is charging from the DC charger. A combined charging system (CSS) or CHAdeMO is required to be able to use a DC charger. This is the most optimal charging method as it only takes 15 minutes to fully charge the vehicle. However, DC charging stations are only located in select public networks or for commercial use so they might not always be available.