COVID-19 Update: Please contact Blue NRG directly if you have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to understand your situation to ensure we find a suitable arrangement which may not be outlined in this Hardship Policy. Please call 1300 599 888 to speak to our dedicated customer experience team.

Hardship Policy

At Blue NRG, we sell energy primarily to business customers, yet also recognise the small number of existing residential customers we have. We are committed to helping any of our customers who may not be able to manage their energy costs or who are experiencing financial distress.

Our hardship policy is primarily focused on assisting residential customers, although the principles outlined in the hardship policy may be considered to assist our business customers who are facing financial difficulty.

What is financial hardship?

Financial hardship may occur when a customer (either a person or a business) would like to pay their electricity bills, yet may not be able to do so. There can be a few factors that can contribute to this, which could be things like a large number of bills arriving at the same time, an unexpected one-off expense, a sudden reduction in income, a serious illness or death in the family, disability, separation or family concerns.

Blue NRG is committed to early identification of customers who may be experiencing financial difficulty. We will work with customers to work out flexible payment plans which are realistic and affordable, based on their individual financial situation; and our customers can always expect to be treated with respect.

Our hardship policy is based on a shared responsibility model, and we are guided by principles of fairness, understanding, compassion, dignity and privacy in dealing with all of our customers.

Support Options

Blue NRG is dedicated to helping its customers. Whilst you’re experiencing financial difficulty, we can help you with the following:

  • A payment extension
  • For residential customers, standard assistance or tailored assistance depending on your situation
    • With standard assistance, we offer our customers the opportunity to pay the account balance in equal instalments over an agreed period
    • With tailored assistance, we’ll work with you to set up a personalised payment plan to help you manage your debt and clear your arrears in accordance with your financial circumstances
  • Peace of mind with continued energy supply and no debt collection action whilst you’re on a payment plan or hardship program
  • Energy insights including energy saving tips to help reduce your energy usage
  • Available government assistance can be found by visiting the following resources:

Need assistance?

If you believe you are facing financial hardship, please call us on 1300 599 888 between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Our friendly customer service team will listen to you, assess your situation and determine if you qualify for any of our hardship assistance programs.

View our Hardship Policy here.