How To Read My Meter

Clock Dial

Clock dial displays are read left-to-right and you always round down; this meter’s reading is 83402.

  • Between 9 and 0 – record 9
  • If the hand is directly on the number – look at the clock to the right
    • If this next clock’s hand is between 0 and 1 – record the
    • If this next clock’s hand is between 9 and 0 – record the number 9 for the previous clock

Cyclonic Dial

Cyclonic dial displays are read left-to-right; this meter’s reading is 672910


Digital meters are read the same as a Cyclonic dial display, yet in a digital format.
If you have peak, shoulder, and off-peak, your meter will cycle between them; these are known as meter registers.

Your bill will show each reading next to a register:
0157872/1 – reading
0157872/2 – reading
0157872/3 – reading

Connect the reading from your meter with the meter register on your bill.

Smart Meter

Smart Meters communicate usage remotely in 15-30 minute intervals, they will not display a meter reading.

A smart meter will display index reads for each register which are a physical reading of total usage since the meter’s installation.
Note: this reading is indicative only and isn’t used to calculate your usage charges, it’s used as a guide.

Since the smart meter records data every 15-30mins you can request this information from us to view your usage. Please send your interval data request to, we will reply with the past 12 months of interval data, or back until your transfer date if you’ve been with us for less than one year.