• How To Reduce My Energy Usage

We’re specialists on helping your business cut energy costs.

Below are some tips on how you can reduce your energy usage.

Heating and cooling

  • If the temperature is less than 30˚C, try to use fans instead of air conditioning to cool your business.
  • Inverter type air-conditioners can use up to 40% less electricity than other air conditioners. 
  • Close the blinds and shut your windows on sunny days to keep the sunlight from heating up your work. This is a no brainer but some businesses still have a bad habit.
  • Install special purpose-built window and door seals to stop the cold / hot air from escaping outside.

Equipment and appliances

  • Open air fridges consume a lot of electricity to operate. Investigate whether a closed door fridge could be an option
  • Optimal fridge temperature is between 3°C and 5°C, and freezer is somewhere between -15°C and -18°C. Every degree lower than these after can use around 5% more energy.
  • Check if your refridgeration unit sealed properly by placing a strip of paper between the door and the fridge. If the paper can be pulled out easily, it might be time for a reseal.
  • Older model dishwashers- check if your current dishwasher was manufactured in the early 90s. If so, it’s possible it could be using twice as much water and up to 40% more electricity than cureent dishwashers.
  • Use standby power controllers or turn off small appliances like your kettle or toaster when you’re not using them. 
  • Always check energy efficiency when it’s time to buy a new equipment or appliances. 


  • Install lighting motion sensors on rooms that aren’t used much – so you don’t have to remember to turn them off when you leave the room.
  • Switch to LEDs – LED lighting reduces energy usage, protects our environment and saves each and every one of us money on our electricity bills – on average up to 64% off the lighting portion of your electricity account
  • Use solar lights as your outside lights – they store energy during the day and then light up automatically at night.