How To Register & Use ‘My Account’

‘My Account’ is available to all Blue NRG customers

Multiple Account Holders – Scroll down to find information about how to merge your accounts with one ‘My Account’ login

Step 1

Locate your Blue NRG account number. This can be found on the top section of your invoice (highlighted below), your monthly invoice email or on your Blue NRG contract.

Step 2

Visit the ‘My Account’ homepage

Step 3

Click ‘Register Now’ (highlighted below)

Step 4

Enter your account number (from step 1) in the account number section (pictured below) and enter your email address. You need to enter the same email address as your Blue NRG account.

Step 5

You will receive a registration confirmation email. Confirm your registration and you now have access to Blue NRG ‘My Account’

It’s that easy!

Register Now

Information for Multiple Account Holders

If you have multiple Blue NRG accounts ‘My Account’ will prompt you to merge your accounts.

Make sure you select ‘Join this account to your existing login’ (highlighted below)