How to Apply for a Smart Meter

Applying for a smart meter through Blue NRG is a very straightforward process. 

This page will inform you of the meter installation process, Blue NRG’s role, the roles of other parties in this process, and your responsibilities during this process.

If you are considering a smart meter but aren’t sure yet, have a read of our Energy Insight 
why you should consider smart meters for your business

Application process

Once you’ve decided to have a smart meter installed, or if you have any questions about the process that aren’t covered below, contact us on 1300 599 888 or email us at and our friendly customer experience team will help you out.

Here is an outline of the application process:

  • Contact us at or 1300 599 888
  • Advise us you would like to have a smart meter installed
  • We'll explain what happens next; a Metering Coordinator will contact you to arrange a service day for installation, and at this point you'll need to let us know of any access issues.
  • There will be an ongoing 40c/day metering charge (for standard meters), this charge is for the Metering Coordinator’s services and the maintenance of your advanced metering infrastructure.

Large customers have the option of choosing their own metering provider where they enter into a DMA (Direct Metering Agreement). The Metering Provider will have their own processes, including contract terms and fees, and their DMA will have its own terms and conditions.

Timeframes and Steps

Since 1 February 2019, the time frame for a simple meter exchange for small customers has been set at 15 business days by the AEMC (Australian Energy Market Commission).

Should an installation fail for reasons such as access issues or if the current meter board doesn't meet the safety requirements for installation, a new time frame will be set and communicated to you by Blue NRG or the Metering Coordinator.

Here is the process of a simple meter exchange:

  • You contact Blue NRG to request a meter exchange, we advise any charges and conditions
  • Blue NRG raises the appropriate service order to appoint a Metering Coordinator (the 15 business day time frame begins)
  • Service order is received and processed by the Metering Coordinator
  • The Metering Provider performs a preliminary site assessment to ensure a safe and compliant installation can take place
  • The Metering Provider contacts you to arrange a day for a planned supply interruption to install the meter

Day of installation

  • Supply is temporarily disconnected
  • The Metering Provider's technician performs the exchange which takes a minimum of 15 minutes, and depending on the complexity of your metering set up, this can also take a little longer
  • Supply is reconnected and your new smart meter begins transmitting data

Post installation

  • The national meter database is updated that your national meter identifier (NMI) has a new meter
  • Blue NRG updates your account to reflect this change


Clear and safe access to the meter must be provided so that the meter exchange is completed efficiently and on time. You can help with the following:

  • No locked gates
  • Clear access to the meter box
  • Safe working environment (no loose switchboard, exposed wires, or a point of attachment that's too high/low)
  • Meter protection device is installed to isolate supply (essential for shared meter boards so there is no disruption to another site's electricity supply)
  • Enough space on the meter board to fit the smart meter (they can be slightly larger than accumulation [basic] meters)

Smart meters communication remotely so, if your property has access issued it is a prime reason to have one installed.

If you think there may be an issue in accessing your your meter, please tell your friendly Blue NRG consultant so we can arrange a time and method to access your meter safely, this information will be passed onto the Metering Provider.

Meter Board Standards

Due to ageing infrastructure some jobs fail due to an unsafe meter board. To ensure your smart meter installation has the best chance of success please check that your meter board has:

  • enough space to fit a smart meter
  • a switch to isolate the supply
  • no exposed/unsafe wiring
  • no asbestos

If you have any concerns, it's safest to consult an electrician.

Roles and responsibilities

When you request Blue NRG arrange a smart meter exchange it is our responsibility to raise the service order and appoint a Metering Coordinator.

There are many companies that fulfil multiple roles so it's possible the metering coordinator, metering provider, and meter data provider are the same company.

Metering Coordinator

  • The provision of metering services
  • The appointment of metering service providers, meter data providers, and metering providers
  • Ensure metering installations are provided, installed, and maintained in accordance with the National Energy Rules (NER) and relevant procedures
  • Ensure components, accuracy, and testing of the metering installations complies with the NER and relevant procedures
  • Ensure security control of the metering installation
  • Ensure interfaces are installed and maintained where remote acquisition is used or will be used to facilitate connection to a telecommunications network
  • Ensure interval meters are not replaced with basic meters
  • Ensure metering data services are provided in accordance with the NER and procedures
  • Ensure access to the metering installation, the service provided, and metering data held in the metering installation is only granted to persons entitled to access that metering installation
  • Ensure disconnections and reconnections are only performed as per the NER and relevant procedures

(excludes type 7 metering installations)

Metering Provider

The responsibility of the Metering Provider is generally related to technology management such as finding and repairing faults.

  • Installing and maintaining metering installations
  • Programming and certifying metering installations to required standards, and providing and maintaining the security controls of a metering installation

Meter Data Provider

  • Collection, processing, storage, and delivery of metering data
  • Provide and maintain the security controls associated with metering data services in accordance with the NER
  • Provide meter data and NMI Standing Data to authorised parties listed in clause 7.15.5(c)(1) to 7.15.5(c)(5) of the NER

(c) Except as specified in paragraphs (d) or (e), only the following persons may access or receive metering data, settlements ready data, NMI Standing Data, and data from the metering register for a metering installation:

(1) Registered Participants with a financial interest in the metering installation or the energy measured by that metering installation;

(2) the Metering Coordinator appointed in respect of the connection point for that metering installation, or a person who was previously appointed as the Metering Coordinator in respect of that connection point, as required in connection with a Metering Coordinator default event in accordance with procedures authorised under the Rules;

(3) the Metering Provider appointed with respect to that metering installation;

(4) the Metering Data Provider appointed with respect to that metering installation, or who was previously appointed with respect to a metering installation as required in accordance with the Rules and procedures authorised under the Rules; NATIONAL ELECTRICITY RULES CHAPTER 7 VERSION 119 METERING Page 1092

(5) AEMO and its authorised agents; and

(5a) in relation to a metering installation at a child connection point, an Embedded Network Manager;

If you would like to have a smart meter installed by Blue NRG, or have any further questions, please contact us by email or phone.