How To Find And Apply For Business Energy Saving Grants

17 Sep 2019 |

Sometimes energy efficiency just isn’t at the top of your business to-do list. There are so many more pressing demands on your time. But what if there was help available to make energy saving a greater priority for your business?

Well, there is!

The Australian Government offers a variety of different grants to help businesses become more sustainable. If you submit an application for a business energy saving grant, and you’re successful, you could enjoy the benefits in the form of funding for equipment, low interest loans, tax breaks or expert consulting advice.

How to find business grants

A variety of federal, state and local grants can be found on the assistance pages. Enter your location and you’ll find a number of federal, state and local offices that may have applicable programs.


National business energy saving grants

The small scale renewable energy scheme is a federal program offering incentives for small businesses that invest in renewable energy. For example, if you install solar panels, you can be eligible for small-scale renewable energy certificates, which can be sold to recoup the cost of your investment and operating expenditure.

The Clean Energy Finance Group invests in energy saving initiatives on behalf of the Australian Government. You may be eligible to apply for a loan for investing in energy saving appliances and programs. has a great online resource that lists a number of grant opportunities in each state.

On the rebates page, enter details about your business and the algorithm will recommend the relevant grant opportunities applicable to you.

Because our customers are based in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria, we’ve detailed some relevant state business grants that you may like to explore below.

Victorian business energy saving grants

Sustainability Victoria provides a variety of grants. You may be eligible for the Victorian Energy Efficient Target which helps businesses save on energy saving investments through a certificate program.

Farmers can apply for support through Agriculture Victoria and secure free on-farm energy assessments and energy grants.

NSW business energy saving grants

The NSW Environmental Trust offers grants and support including the Business Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade which subsidies the cost of investing in energy efficient light globes.

Commercial and industrial businesses may be able to apply for accreditation through the NSW government’s Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) and secure energy saving certificates.

SA business energy saving grants

The Essential Services Commission provides incentives through REES (Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme) for energy retailers to help business (and household) customers reduce energy usage.

The City of Adelaide offers grants for local businesses and schools as part of its Sustainable City Incentives Scheme.

How to apply for business grants

Each grant is different but it’s worth making an effort to submit a quality application to maximise your chances of success.  Here’s some pointers to keep in mind:

  • make sure you are eligible, otherwise applying is a waste of your time

  • consider the costs involved, because you may have to invest funds to be eligible for a rebate

  • be brief, observe word counts and write the submission in simple, readable and plain English

  • support your claims with evidence, research and data

  • show your enthusiasm for the program and why it’s important to your business

  • supply invoices, reports, research and other data to add impact to your application

  • submit your application on time – latecomers will miss out

  • if it is a large value grant that is a gamechanger for your business, consider hiring a professional grant application writer to submit a top quality competitive pitch

  • if you can’t afford a professional, get a business colleague to read your application and check for errors, quality and omissions.


We hope you’re inspired to find energy saving grants for your business – good luck with your applications!