How to keep energy costs low when returning to the office

12 Mar 2021 |

Finally, the time has come Victoria. Swap your tracksuit pants for office wear and get out from behind that screen. That’s right, we’re finally returning to work on-site.

With Victoria’s current economic state, many businesses are cutting costs and keeping them low wherever possible to ensure that they can remain operational. This can be a difficult task with staff returning to the office and having become familiar with homely comforts such as constant heating and cooling. To save you the trouble, we have compiled a list of suggestions for how you can keep your energy costs low while returning to the office this year.

Immediately after your return, establish energy saving practices in the office. By collaborating as a team, a set of general expectations can be recognised in the office which will encourage staff to become accountable for their energy consumption.Conducting an energy health check is a great way to immediately identify areas of improvement within your business. Solutions could be as simple as swapping to LED lightbulbs, which can potentially reduce lighting costs by 50%, reducing the rates that you pay with a tariff reassignment, or keeping the office temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius as heating/cooling accounts for around 40% of electricity bills.

Using natural light and airflow is obvious but very effective. Opening the door, window and curtains can provide an office with fresh air, warmth, a cool breeze and sunlight. Circulating fresh air throughout the office can also improve productivity, prevent dry eye from excessive air conditioning, and removes the risk of spreading illnesses amongst staff.

Removing high energy use appliances and investing in energy efficient equipment and technology is a long-term strategy for reducing your businesses electricity usage. In this digital age, businesses can also easily go paperless which eliminates the need for printers or fax.

Turning off appliances or using hibernation features when not in use can conserve energy during quiet periods. Swapping from desktops to laptops will also reduce energy consumption, as desktops require a constant power source unless turned off at the switch. Laptops consume on average 80% less energy which can even be extended with screen dimming and sleep settings.

Installing solar is a long-term solution that allows businesses to generate their own renewable energy for free following the initial purchase and installation costs. Businesses will even be paid for the unused energy generated by their solar panels.

Energy management systems (EMS) are another smart investment for businesses who want to gain control over their energy use and bills. Installing Blue NRG’s Energy Management System will provide businesses with live updates, usable information about their usage and patterns, and help them make informed decisions.

What are you waiting for Victoria, energise your business and your bills with these energy saving tips! Call our team at Blue NRG today for more information.