Keep your workplace warm this winter with Blue NRG

7 Jul 2023 |

Is your business feeling the cool everywhere except your utility bills? During the colder months, it can feel impossible to avoid excess energy consumption. As a 100% Australian owned and operated business energy retailer, we regularly hear from our customers at this time of year to ask how they can keep their workplace warm without soaring costs. 

Blue NRG is dedicated to empowering local business owners to minimise energy consumption while maintaining exceptional quality for customers and employees. Here are our top tips for maintaining a warm workplace this winter without compromising on comfort or breaking the bank.

Optimise Temperature Settings

Make a simple adjustment that can achieve significant results. Setting your thermostat between 18° and 20°C ensures a comfortable office environment without incurring unnecessary costs. Remember, each additional degree can contribute to a 5-10% increase in your electricity bill.

Seal in the Warmth

Instead of turning the heater up, try to preserve the warmth you’ve already got inside your workplace by eliminating drafts. Employ door “snakes,” install weather-stripping around door frames, and adorn windows with heavy fabric blinds or curtains to prevent heat loss. You can also contain warmth by closing off infrequently used areas, such as bathrooms and storerooms, allowing your main workspace to retain heat effectively.

Embrace Energy-Efficient Heating

When it comes to heating systems, choose wisely to save substantially. Opt for energy-efficient heaters that prioritise performance without excessive energy consumption. Regular servicing or annual maintenance is essential to ensure optimal efficiency if you already have a heater. Timers can also help your heater operate during specific periods, such as pre-warming the office before business hours while preventing unnecessary overheating.

Embrace Solar Power

Installing solar panels in your building is a long-term solution enabling you to leverage natural warmth and generate energy. Plus, any surplus energy can be returned to the grid, making solar the better choice for the environment and your business!

Reduce Unnecessary Energy Usage

Combat energy wastage by turning off appliances when not in use. You can prevent unnecessary energy drain by simply powering down computers, printers, and kitchen appliances during idle periods. Blue NRG’s innovative Energy Management System offers a convenient solution to monitor your daily energy usage and identify opportunities where you can cut back effectively. We’ve made it simple for business owners to optimise their equipment and gain valuable insights into high-energy areas within your office, enabling informed decision-making – all with the touch of a button!

Blue NRG believes that lower temperatures shouldn’t result in higher bills for business owners, and we truly want the best for every one of our customers. Take control of your energy consumption this winter and beyond by embracing our innovative Energy Management System.