Keeping energy costs down this winter

2 Mar 2021 |

It’s a story old as time…as the temperature drops our electricity bills rise. 

If you’re thinking ‘surely there has to be a better way’, then keep reading, because keeping the office warm doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know how to be energy smart this winter. Here are our top tips for turning up the heat without the cost.  

Setting the thermostat between 18° and 20° C will keep the office temperature comfortable without increasing cost, as every extra degree can add 5-10% onto your electricity bill. Dressing for the weather is obvious but very effective, as wearing a few extra layers will help the slightly lower temperature feel comfortable to work in. 

Keep the heat that you’ve paid for inside the office by draught-proofingUsing door ‘snakes’, fitting weather-stripping around door frames and installing heavy fabric blinds or curtains to reduce heat loss through windows will all help the space retain heat and avoid air leaks. Containing warmth to a main space can also be achieved by shutting doors and closing off areas of minimal or infrequent use, such as bathrooms and storerooms.  

Investing in an energy efficient heater is important if you are looking to replace, as lowering the temperature and having shorter running times will do nothing if the model is consuming excessive amounts of energy. Similarly, if you already have one, you should service your heater regularly or at least annually to ensure that it is operating in an efficient capacity.   

Additionally, installing or setting a timer for your heater will allow it to run at optimal times, such as 10-15 minutes before the office opens to make the space comfortable and reduce time taken to warm up, or to run for only 30-45 minutes at a time to avoid overheating the office.  

Installing solar panels is such an easy, long-term solution for reducing costs. Solar allows you to take advantage of the suns natural warmth and generate your own energy, as well as being paid for unused energy that is returned to the grid.  

LED lighting is another effective cost cutting solution for the office. During winter the days are shorter, meaning lights are being turned on earlier in the day and off later in the evening. Switching to LED lightbulbs can potentially reduce your lighting costs by 50% as well as having an 8x extended lifespan than standard lightbulbs.  

Turning off appliances while not in use will prevent wasted energy, such as computers, printer and kitchen appliances. To take away the hassle, Blue NRG’s Energy Management System could be installed to optimise equipment and appliances for you at the touch of a button. Such a system would allow you to see high energy areas of the office, helping you make informed changes. 

Finally, shop around and ensure that you’re on the right deal with the best energy provider for youbusiness. Simply swapping tariffs or finding a new provider that wants to help you become energy smart could make all the difference. 

Whether you’re taking this winter by storm or easing into the colder months, there are many different energy saving solutions that you can implement to reduce your costs. At Blue NRG we know that lower temperatures don’t need to result in higher bills, so talk to our team today for more information.