Money Saving Tips For Heating Your Small Business

30 Mar 2022 |

Follow these simple tips to keep your business warm this Autumn!

1. Reduce heat loss

The easiest way to retain heat is by removing gaps wherever possible. Large warehouses or offices can save heating by installing insulation in their walls and ceiling. For smaller spaces, you don’t even need that much. Prevent cold air from getting in by using simple objects like draft stoppers and closing doors to rooms not being used. Look for any potential gaps and seal them.

2. Run your ceiling fans in reverse

This one might seem counter-intuitive, turning your fan on to stay warm? But we promise it works! Changing the settings on your ceiling fan so it spins backward will help draw the cold air up instead of pushing it down.

3. Maintain heating equipment

Equipment can only work optimally if it’s properly maintained. Is your thermostat working properly? Do you find it takes a long time to get warm? Seemingly small problems can have a compounding effect financially.

4. Use programable settings on your thermostat

Having a programable thermostat can drastically affect your power bill, allowing you to adjust the temperature throughout the day. Furthermore, getting the greatest value requires a deep understanding of your business’s peak hours. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t heat a full building the same way you would an empty room. Even just 1°C higher than needed can add 10% to your heating bill.

5. Conduct an Energy Check

At the end of the day, any business can only work with the knowledge it has at its disposal. That’s why you must know where power is being used in your business. Contact your energy provider to determine how best to keep your energy use down.