Your personal Blue NRG My Account just got better and smarter. Activate in less than a minute.

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What is My Account portal?

When you choose Blue NRG as your business electricity supplier, you get instant access to the ‘My Account’ portal. It’s the one feature that impresses our customers the most. 

Why is it valuable?

Because it’s packed with valuable information. And it makes managing your electricity account easy, simple, and quick. Watch the two-minute ‘My Account’ video to find out more.

My Account is full of  smart features 

Analyse your usage & spending

Find out how much electricity your business uses at various times of day and Identify peak electricity demand levels to improve your awareness.

setup Alerts and Insights

Receive a weekly email update on your energy usage trends and receive a SMS reminder if you have an unpaid invoice due soon.

all invoices at one place

Access all of your invoices in the one place. You can access them anytime anywhere and download at your own convenience.

Self Meter Read and Direct Debit

We have introduced two new features in the My Account portal. Learn more about it in the sections below.

We have introduced two new features. Find out below

Self-meter read

Self-meter read option has been introducted in Blue NRG My Account to help customers with basic meter. This feature will ensure that customers are provided with an accurate monthly billing and avoid estimated billing. Customer would require to add their meter read in the portal and receive a revised bill. 

Watch the tutorial below to understand how to use this option.

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Setup Direct debit

Now Blue NRG customers can setup direct debit from My Account portal. You can either choose a bank account or a credit card to setup direct debit. Direct debit setup will help you save on the merchant fee when making payments.

Watch the tutorial below to understand how to use this option.

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