Our 90 day member campaign in 2021 identified a total annual savings of $218,536 for Guild members.

Blue NRG’s exclusive deal to Pharmacy Guild members in Victoria has expired for this year, but you can still get a price review (see below)

New to Blue NRG?

Blue NRG’s exclusive deal for Victorian Pharmacy Guild members has expired for this year. But you can still get a price review and check if you can save on your energy bill with Blue NRG now.
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Existing Blue NRG customer?

Are you looking for more ways to save on your business energy bill? Click on the button below and learn about our energy efficiency products and services. You can reach out to us at [email protected] and request to talk to a personalised energy efficiency expert.

What is Blue NRG offer for Guild members?

Blue NRG has teamed up with Pharmacy Guild Australia to amplify energy buying power for its members. We are an Australian owned  electricity retailer, providing a local-based service to thousands of small to medium sized businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Priceline Pharmacy Bundoora
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I wasn’t holding much hope of any significant savings when uploaded my current electricity bill for comparison. I had 5 minutes spare so I thought i would just do it, to see what might be achieved. I was very surprised to see the estimated savings of $6500 per annum. This is a significant saving which translated to a saving of $687 on my first monthly bill. The whole process from the initial bill upload right through to transferring electricity supplier was super easy and efficient. To any Guild members who haven’t uploaded their current electricity account for comparison - do it! There is no obligation to accept the offer, so you have nothing to lose. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Amy Ebert
Amy Ebert
Priceline Pharmacy Williams Landing
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I approached Stephen about accessing the electricity deal for Pharmacy Guild members, and I am so glad I did. Between our two stores, we have made an annual saving of $6,400, which is a cash flow bonus we gained without doing a thing! Stephen made the process seamless & easy. All I had to do was provide an old bill, and not long after I was saving money. This deal is something I wish I knew about earlier and I would highly recommend other owners taking advantage of it.
Mehul Sanghvi
Mehul Sanghvi
Laverton Pharmacy
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I have been dealing with Blue NRG for over 10 years and during that time the company has not only been a forerunner in providing very competitive rates but also in introducing technology to improve the owner’s understanding of usage and how to minimize costs. As you know the ability to increase income in the current retail environment is very difficult so maintaining or decreasing costs , of which utilities is quite significant , is an avenue to keep the bottom line healthy The Guild has also been integral in achieving a competitive offer from the Utility providers and as always delivering viable options to owners
Carlton Dial
Carlton Dial
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The telephone consultant who processed my "joining up" was extremely patient and worked very hard to answer all my problems. She was marvelous and Blue NRG has turned out to be a great supplier.

No Locked-in Contract

This contract is not locked in so you can change the provider whenever you like

Local Customer Service

We have 100% local support team so if you need to talk to someone at Blue NRG, you’ll talk to a local.

Australian Owned

We are proudly Australian owned business energy provider.

Transparent Billing

Get a transparent breakdown of all rates and charges, including retail energy rates, and network, market and environmental charges.

Frequently asked questions

As a Blue NRG customer you will also receive a personal account service from energy consultancy firm, Empower.  Empower can assist you with energy efficiency advice, demand management, a review of your electrical equipment and manage any related projects to assist you in reducing your energy usage and costs.  As a one year anniversary benefit, Blue NRG customers receive a free Energy Health Check where Empower undertakes a review of your meter data, electrical equipment. Their engineers provide a report explaining your energy charges, energy usage over time, along with insights and recommendations

Just provide your details and latest bill through our website.  Empower will review and let you know within a few days whether you will receive a bill saving from this offer.  If so, Empower will confirm your information and send you a contract for e-signature.  Once processed you will receive a welcome pack from Blue NRG and your site will transfer, typically on your next scheduled meter read date.  You will then receive a final bill from your current retailer up to this date and then bills from Blue NRG going forward.

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