• Premises Referral Program

    Get $150 Incl. GST in credit when you sign up your other business sites with us

You can refer an additional business site in 3 easy steps


What are the terms and conditions?

You can review Premises Referral Program terms and conditions here

How do I sign up?

Just provide your details and latest bill through our online form on the left. We will review and let you know within a few days whether you will receive a bill saving from this offer. If so, Blue NRG will confirm your information and send you a contract for your review. Once processed you will receive a welcome pack from Blue NRG and your site will transfer, typically on your next scheduled meter read date. You will then receive a final bill from your current retailer up to this date and then bills from Blue NRG going forward.

What is Free Energy Health Check?

As a Blue NRG customer you will also receive a personal account service from energy consultancy firm, Empower. Empower can assist you with energy efficiency advice, demand management, a review of your electrical equipment and manage any related projects to assist you in reducing your energy usage and costs. As a one year anniversary benefit, Blue NRG customers receive a free Energy Health Check where Empower undertakes a review of your meter data, electrical equipment. Their engineers provide a report explaining your energy charges, energy usage over time, along with insights and recommendations

Please note

  • This incentive is only applicable to the referred business site
  • Empower would need at least 6 months of meter interval data to run the analysis
What is Upfront Tariff Review?

We will review your meter data to know if you are on the lowest energy tariff.

Please note: Free upfront tariff review is applicable on the referred site only