Protecting Your Small Business from Power Outages

30 Mar 2022 |

Natural disasters like bush fires or floods can disable power over large swaths of the country. As a business, it’s essential to be prepared with a detailed Emergency Plan. Here are a few tips on preparing for potential emergencies.

  1. Develop backups of all valuable documents

It’s important to maintain a detailed backlog of files. Such action can be crucial in reducing harm brought about by broken or damaged computers.

  1. Unplug all electric devices from their power points

During a power outage, the most important thing after making sure everyone is alright is unplugging all devices from their power socket. Doing so can prevent damage brought about by a potential power surge.

  1. Have battery-powered devices

In case of total power loss, makes sure you have battery-powered equipment like radios and flashlights on hand.

  1. Keep a collection of emergency contacts

Once a power outage has occurred, it’s essential you contact your energy provider to determine the severity of the blackout. You may also need to contact insurance providers or local emergency services if situations develop. For all possibilities make sure to keep physical copies of all contacts on hand.

  1. Make staff aware of the emergency plan

It’s all well and good to have a detailed Emergency Plan, but all will be for nothing if staff aren’t aware and trained in actioning said plan. Take time to train your staff and check in regularly to ensure their understanding of the steps are clear.