Reasons why every business owners should take EV charging station installation into consideration

1 Sep 2021 |


These days, more and more drivers are switching to electric vehicles (EVs). Therefore, public charging stations are becoming more necessary than ever since there is always a high demand for them. Being aware of the huge need, many businesses are starting to install public charging stations at their properties to meet both external and internal demands.

As EV adoption is accelerating, people are starting to choose their services base on the availability of charging stations. Locations that offer charging stations are always highly preferred by EV drivers since they can charge their EV while using the service. This unique opportunity allows businesses to not only capture such a significantly growing market, which ends up increasing their additional revenue, but also create competitive advantages over businesses in the area.

Moreover, having charging stations at businesses’ sites is a method to deliver a better and more comprehensive service experience to the business’s customers. Customers’ services are always important in businesses. The better experience the business offers, the higher chance the customers return. Investing in installing a charging station also means that businesses are investing in building a better service and experience, which help to increase their customers’ satisfaction, without any managing effort.

Installing a charging station can also be considered as supporting your brand value. EV has been known for its positive impacts on the environment. If your brand is focused on environmental awareness or sustainability, a lack of electric charging stations could detract from essential brand messages and demonstrate a lack of practical implementation. Even for companies that aren’t environmentally conscious, ignoring the need for charging stations in the workplace could be problematic as somehow, the charging stations can have significant impacts on business perceptions and appeal.

Businesses are not just about customers and external impacts, internal elements, especially their employees, are also extremely important. Welfare policies or available infrastructures provide employees comfort in the workplace. Adding charging stations to company buildings is not only convenient for employees as it allows them to charge their EV while parking but also shows the company’s care for their worker’s experience.