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What is the seasonal offer?

Blue NRG knows your business is unique and is now offering competitive pricing for businesses that consume electricity on a seasonal basis. These offers are structured to minimizes costs during the off-season where consumption is low and provides competitive electricity rates during high consumption months.

This offer is ideal for farms, wineries, and agricultural sector customers with a high level of seasonality.

We are Australian Owned

Choosing the right energy retailer can be an exhausting task. At Blue NRG, we are working towards making this process as seamless as possible. Our large market energy experts will understand your needs and provide you with an energy plan that fits your seasonal energy consumption.

To serve you better, our pricing analysts have worked towards getting the best market offer, just for you. We have accumulated various dynamic factors and assembled a plan which would give you maximum savings and minimum hassle during on-season and off-season business activities.

To get you started with us, please fill in the form and one of our large market energy experts will get back to you in 2-3 business days with a great energy price for your business.

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Seasonal offer is designed to help you save on energy bills when your business is not operational. Here are some of the key benefits:


Sized Savings

Enjoy special pricing for agriculture
industry and save big on your energy


Tailored pricing to match
yearly usage patterns

Get a transparent billing based
on yearly usage patterns matched
with other seasonal businesses
like you.


Spend minimal amounts
during the off-season period

Blue NRG removes the
daily charge when your
business is not operating

Great rate during
on-season times

During on-season, Blue NRG provides
competitive retail electricity rates,
including a daily charge

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