Blue NRG has teamed up with Small Business Australia to amplify energy buying power for its members. We are an Australian owned electricity retailer, providing a local-based service to thousands of small to medium sized businesses.

Who are we?  

We are motivated energy efficiency experts, catering for Aussie businesses who want simple, efficient energy. Based in Melbourne, we are Australian owned because we value being and staying local. We specialise in servicing small and medium-sized businesses because we believe that hard-working Australian business owners deserve decent prices.

Our point of difference   

We’re different from your average electricity retailer because although our business is selling energy, we want our customers to use less and pay less for it. Many Australian businesses are paying too much for their electricity. At Blue NRG, we specialise in helping our customers become smarter and more efficient with their energy. We offer a range of resources, products and services that take the hard work out and make energy simple again. 

Award-winning Plans

Blue NRG was honoured to be awarded five Mozo Expert Choice Awards in 2020 for our Blue Saver plan, which was directly compared to over 400 other plans. This achievement only solidified what we already knew, which is that we are great at helping our customers be energy efficient. 

Energy Management Made Easy 

To say thanks for choosing Blue NRG, we provide our customers with a free Energy Health Check every annual anniversary. The service is very insightful into energy usage and will offer a range of energy and cost saving solutions. 

During 2021, we launched our exclusive Energy Management System (EMS). If managing your business’s energy has become too much, installing our EMS could be the perfect solution. By installing this system, you can see your energy usage live, optimise and extend the useful life of your equipment, identify areas of improvement, and make significant savings on your bills. 


What other benefits do I receive as a Blue NRG customer?

As a Blue NRG customer you will also receive a personal account service from energy consultancy firm, Empower.  Empower can assist you with energy efficiency advice, demand management, a review of your electrical equipment and manage any related projects to assist you in reducing your energy usage and costs.  As a one year anniversary benefit, Blue NRG customers receive a free Energy Health Check where Empower undertakes a review of your meter data, electrical equipment. Their engineers provide a report explaining your energy charges, energy usage over time, along with insights and recommendations

What is an “Unbundled” electricity bill?

When you pay your electricity bill, you are not only paying your retailer, but also your distributor, the energy market operator (AEMO) and a legislated incentive for small and large scale renewable investment.  For residential and small business, these charges are commonly “bundled” together into simple usage rates (i.e. peak and off peak) and a daily supply charge.  With Blue NRG your charges are broken down (itemised) within an “Unbundled” bill so that you have complete transparency over the charges that you receive from different entities for your electricity supply.

How do I sign up?

Just provide your details and latest bill through our website.  Empower will review and let you know within a few days whether you will receive a bill saving from this offer.  If so, Empower will confirm your information and send you a contract for e-signature.  Once processed you will receive a welcome pack from Blue NRG and your site will transfer, typically on your next scheduled meter read date.  You will then receive a final bill from your current retailer up to this date and then bills from Blue NRG going forward.

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Energy Management System:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Blue NRG Energy Management System (EMS), which on average saves customers 10% of their energy bill. We have a great launch offer for you, click below to check prices.


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