Success story: How Vet Partners saved over $2,000 by doing this one simple thing

10 Feb 2021 |

By Installing an energy management system, Vet Partners were able to save over $2,000 on their electricity bills throughout the year.

Electricity can be one of the largest utility expenses for many businesses, and the bills just keep getting higher. This was the case for Vet Partners Flemington Veterinary Hospital. Vet Partners owns approximately 250 clinics and veterinary hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. A critical part of Vet Partners being about to provide support to its clinics is keeping control of operational costs across sites.

Power consumption is a particularly large operational expense within the clinics. Trent Morpeth, Regional Operations Manager at Vet Partners, told us how after renovating and moving into a new site across the road, he noticed that the Flemington Veterinary Hospital’s electricity bill had tripled, and that their load was significantly larger than hospitals of a similar size.

Immediately, Blue NRG sought to assist Vet Partners by investigating their energy consumption.

“I would definitely recommend Blue NRG to any of our hospitals within our network and to any outside businesses or family and friends”

Trent Morpeth

Regional Operations Manager for Vet Partners



Blue NRG recommended that the hospital install an energy management system to identify and monitor consumption habits and high energy use appliances, which allowed Vet Partners to be able to ‘manage, control and monitor’ the energy consumption of their appliances, and throughout the hospital. 

Energy Management Systems are an easy and effective way for businesses to gain control of their energy and get a handle on their bills. It collects energy usage data for analysis which is then interpreted into relevant information and graphics for users to understand. Blue NRG’s Energy Management System package includes a Smart Hub to collects and stores usage data, Smart Plugs to monitor usage on a device level, Clamps and a Reporting App which provides users with 24/7 live stream access to energy use data. 

The installation was discreet and simple, and the employee that installed the energy management system easily explained the devices operation. Vet Partners found the reporting app that accompanies the energy management system to be ‘straight forward and easy to use’ with good usability and functionality. It allowed the hospital to:

  • monitor its energy consumption
  • access data in real time
  • pinpoint where energy is being consumed
  • become smarter in consuming energy 

Vet Partners was able to experience significant savings on their electricity bills by choosing an energy management system and you can too! Contact our team to register your interest today!