Tips to help your business relocation

8 Feb 2017 |

We can’t guarantee your business relocation will be stress free but we hope the below tips can help make it smooth as possible. Although business electricity is our specialty, we’re always looking for information that can help your business.


1. Sell or donate the items that you don’t need

This is a bit obvious but make sure you do this before your move. Be proactive and make a list of items you don’t need or rarely use. Sell these items on a local classified site like Gumtree or donate to a local charity. The benefits of doing this before your move will save you money in moving costs and free up your storage space in your new premises.


2. Give plenty of notice to your business electricity supplier

You want to make sure your electricity is connected at your new place. Electricity transfer requests require a minimum of 3 business days notice to disconnect your old address and connect your electricity at your new address. To make sure it goes smoothly don’t leave this to the last minute.


3. Don’t schedule meetings when packing up your business

If possible, postpone meetings until you’ve set up your new location. This will prevent scaring potential customers with a messy establishment.


4. Update your website, social media, business cards and letterhead

Try do this two weeks before your move and also re-direct your mail. This helps avoid unnecessary trips back to your old premises and makes sure customers are well aware of your new address.


5. Get insurance

If you’re using a moving company, check what insurance options are available to protect your assets and make sure the company has workers comp insurance.


6. Notify your vendors

Try to give your vendors at least one months notice of your new location. This will ensure they can make any billing or delivery adjustments for your new location. Also think about any new signage, equipment or furniture you’ll need at your new location and order it well before the move in date.


7. Moving computers and IT

Hire professionals to move your IT equipment. this includes moving and setting up servers, testing of equipment and make sure all systems are working 100% when you move in. The safest option for IT systems is to ‘leave it to the professionals’. This will help prevent down time and make sure your business critical systems are working with no interruptions.

All the best for your business relocation and we hope it goes well.

If you need any help with your business electricity we’re more than happy to help.