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“Great customer service”

“I’ve been a Blue NRG customer for more than 2 years for 30 sites. Not only have they given me a good price, they’ve helped make managing my electricity easy by offering consolidated billing and great customer service. I have not found this level of service in other energy providers.”

Lee Walker, Cambridge Management Services (CMS)

“We saved around 33% on our energy bills”

“Blue NRG are polite and professional, they did everything they said they would and we saved around 33% on our energy bills. We would definitely recommend them.”

Tony Scalzo, Lake View Motel

Business electricity for body corporates & accomodation

The bigger your body corporate or accommodation business, the more complex your energy bill.

Many electricity suppliers give you a separate bill for each property.

We’re different. We consolidate our bill into one convenient account. You still have access to separate data on each location, but the bill payment is rolled into one.

It’s a game changer for your business.

Body Corporates

Body corporates have the opportunity to make significant savings in electricity costs by purchasing electricity in bulk, and on-selling it to residents. Many body corporates use this on-supply arrangements to manage electricity supply.

We make the process easy and simple by partnering with body corporates to manage the process.


Associations with multiple branches can use our consolidated billing feature to manage electricity payments for each separate chapter.

Plus you can compare energy usage across groups to identify chances to make savings.

Plus all the benefits of electricity from a specialist business supplier

Like all business electricity customers, you’ll enjoy competitive rates, friendly local customer service and great features.

We are also a business electricity supplier for…


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