Why your business needs an energy management system

4 Feb 2021 |

Introducing an energy management system (EMS) into your business is an easy way to monitor your energy usage quickly and effectively with a simple press of a button.

Energy management systems (EMS) are advanced systems that collect energy usage data for analysis, interpreted into graphics, online tools and quick findings for users to comprehend and manage. These systems equip users with insights into energy usage, allowing users to:

  • understand their energy use
  • identify high energy use equipment and areas
  • optimise and schedule energy use to run during low Tou tariffs
  • reduce and stabilise energy costs

Blue NRG’s Energy Management System has many benefits for your business

Blue NRG’s Energy Management System allows users to access all this and more through the convenience of a reporting app which provides 24/7 access. It is an effective way for businesses to gain control of their energy and get a handle on their bills. The EMS package includes the Smart Hub, the core of the Energy Management System. It collates users energy data and controls the system to the users preferences for optimal performance and savings.

Smart Plugs are used to monitor and control energy use at a device level, which feeds information back to the Smart Hub about device and equipment energy use. Smart Clamps are used to measure and control energy use at a circuit level. The Reporting App provides users with 24/7 access on smart devices e.g.phone, laptop, tablet. Users can monitor and gain insight into the overall energy efficiency of their business, as well as their equipment and devices specifically.

Blue NRG customers with our Energy Management System (EMS) will:

  • achieve significant savings
  • control the solar environment
  • extend the useful life of equipment
  • future-proof the energy ecosystem

Don’t just take our word for it! Watch how Vet Partners was able to take control and save $2,000 a year with Blue NRG’s Energy Management System.

Energy management systems are one simple thing you can implement to reduce operational electricity costs, increase savings and reinvest into your business. Contact our team today to register your interest in Blue NRG’s Energy Management System and take control of your electricity.