Schools and Not For Profit

Supplying electricity to schools

Both government and private schools are always looking to keep costs low. We work with many schools across South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria to provide electricity and help them monitor and reduce usage.

Cutting your school’s electricity bill by a few percentage points could mean massive savings for the school. That means more equipment and services available for students and teachers.

We help schools reduce electricity costs by monitoring electricity usage, sharing best practice tips and identifying ways to reduce usage. 

Understanding the cost pressures of not for profits

It is essential for not for profit businesses and charities to keep operating costs as low as possible, so that all funds can be directed to the cause.  

We work with not for profit businesses across all types of sectors to help them reduce costs.

Types of charities and not for profits we work with:

  • welfare groups   
  • domestic violence support services
  • children’s welfare groups
  • animal welfare groups
  • health promotion charities
  • lobbyists
  • environmental groups
  • kindergartens
  • sporting clubs
  • community service groups
  • professional and business associations
  • cultural and social societies

No matter what kind of school, not for profit or charity you run, we can help you save your electricity costs. Make the switch today.

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