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We can help you reduce your energy usage. Energy Insights gives you plenty of tips and tricks to cut your energy costs for good.

Introducing Blue NRG Energy Management System

Blue NRG Energy Management System equips your business with unparalleled insights and provides control over your energy use. It identifies when energy is being used and which equipment is most energy-hungry. You are able to control your business energy usage remotely from any location using a computer, smartphone or tablet. You can set schedules to take advantage of low ToU tariffs or allow Blue NRG to automate the process. Blue NRG’s pre real-time algorithm assists with peak load management by shaving demand (using hierarchical switching) or increasing supply (by discharging a battery).

We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Small Business Australia, joining the Buy Local movement. Collectively we can all make a big difference.

What is Buy Local Movement?

The Buy Local movement has been established to assist small businesses nationwide. It does this by encouraging all Australians to keep well and Buy Local. This will help small businesses endure the economic impacts of COVID-19, reinforcing key behaviour to keep well and encouraging everyone, whether online, over the phone, or face-to-face – to buy from and support local businesses. Any small business can join Small Business Australia for free. They can then access Small Business Australia’s knowledge suite, which includes more than 50 learning resources, videos, and digital business tools to help small businesses keep staff and customers well and generate more business. Small businesses can click here to get involved and receive their Buy Local display kit.